Choosing the Best Toilet Brush for Your Toilet

Toilet cleaning may sometime become really gross. But with the right tools the job can be as simple and enjoyable as it can get. Some of the best toilet washing tools that will probably work miracles for you and leave your toilet sparkling clean and free of germs and bacteria are toilet brush, plunger, and toilet bowl cleaner among the rest.

If you choose to use the best toilet brush, you will want to know how to choose, use, and maintain your toilet brush. Here is a simple guide that will give you a few relevant pointers that could be very helpful for your personal use of the brush.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Toilet Brush

There are plenty of factors that play very important role when choosing your toilet brush. Here are some of the most relevant ones that you will have to consider for an efficient toilet brush always.

Type of Toilet Brush to Use

There are many types of toilet brushes that you could use for your home. Here are some of the most common types that many home owners have used before. They are readily available in malls.

Stainless Steel Brush

This is the top toilet brush design. The stainless steel brushes with a metal handle are often rounded and designed only for heavy duty use. They are popular today because of their efficiency and high functionality. They come with a protective inner cup to sparkle their modern look that makes them the staples in all modern homes.

Acrylic Toilet Brush

An acrylic toilet brush is also ideal for heavy duty cleaning. If your toilet bowl requires serious scrubbing and tidying up which regular brushes can’t do going for an acrylic brush is the best option. They have hard bristles that will get the job done really fast. Acrylic brushes have many styles that you can choose from to use for your style.

Metallic Toilet Brush

These are brushes that come with a metallic sheen that makes them to look super stylish. They are highly durable and actually last very long even when used heavily and frequently. Metallic toilet brushes are good for the commercial buildings.

The Wall Toilet Brush

These brushes are often very light in weight. They are characterized by rounded bases. They also come with even lines and a very powerful suction cup. They are simple but effective toilet brushes. They are reliable and are also very easy to clean.

Intended Weight of Brush Use

Heavy use will require a brush that’s up to the challenge. Less heavy use will require an easy brush. Often people prefer stainless steel brushes and metallic brushes for toilets that require very heavy cleaning. Wall toilets are often for easy cleans.

Types of Toilet Brush Bristles

The type of toilet brush bristles that you choose to go with is also very important. We have quite a number of brush bristles that toilet brushes come with today. Here are some of the common ones.

Animal Hair Brush

These are commonly used on toilet floors. They’re the best for gentle cleaning and can be used effectively for the different toilets that we have today.

Synthetic Bristles

Synthetic bristles can be used for both the toilet and toilet floor cleaning. They are good for light and moderate scrubbing and also for all round cleaning.

Vegetable Fiber

These are very hard bristles. They are quite useful for heavy duty toilet cleaning. They can also double up as bathroom floor and counters cleaning brushes.

Grout Brushes

These are used not intended wholly for toilet cleaning. They are often used for soil removal but can double up for effective general toilet/ bathroom cleaning.

Look for bristles that have solid recovery strength. These are usually bristles that won’t disintegrate even after lengthy period of constant use. However, use soft bristles to cleaning delicate surfaces as this prevents them from getting scratches. Use hard bristles to remove grime and dirt that might have been stuck.

The Color of the Toilet Brush

Often most home owners want to add the oomph in their bathrooms by maintaining the designs. A color that complements the design is usually very ideal. Therefore, it is important that you choose your color to complement what you already have. Toilet brushes come in variety of colors that you can always choose from today online or offline.

How to Keep Your Toilet Brush in Shape

To maintain your toilet brush in great shape, it is important that you maintain a high recovery. Toilet brush recovery is often how well the brush bristles are able to maintain their shape even after long periods of consistent use. To do this you should always follow these tricks.

• Always clean after every use
• Clean it under hot running water
• Use a detergent to clean and rub the bristles.
• Ensure the brush base has no grease or grime stuck on it.
• Allow the toilet brush to air dry before storing.

Common Questions People Ask About Toilet Brushes

There are numerous questions that people ask about toilet brushes. Here are some of the good quality that you should want to know for your own good.

Why Should I Clean My Toilet Brush after Every Use?

Cleaning your toilet brush not only removes the dirt, it’s also provides protection from germs and many bacteria. If your brush is really dirty, you can also use bleach to clean the brush thoroughly.

What Other Things Do I Need When Cleaning My Toilet?

There are a number of things that you require when cleaning your toilet. They include like we had seen a plunger, toilet bowl cleaner, detergent, disinfectant, and bleach. You will also need mouth and eye protector, gloves, and an overall. Closed shoes are also a very important addition to go with too.

What Should I Buy A Good Toilet Brush?

Buy a good toilet brush because it will effectively clean dirt particle, bacteria and mildew form your toilet and eventually leave your toilet really safe, hygienic, and hazard free. A great toilet brush should reach every hidden corner of your toilet and should be able to complete the job with great results.

How Often Should I Clean My Toilet Brush Holder Too?

The toilet brush holder can be cleaned simultaneously with the brush and after every toilet cleaning process. However, this might be time consuming and quite exhausting. The best suggestion is to clean at least once a week as this prevents buildup of bacteria and germs.

What Do Toilet Brush “Bristle Recovery” Really Means?

The word bristle recovery refers to how well the toilet brush bristles are able to maintain or retain their shape and strength even after a series of constant use. Bristle recovery determines the type of surface that your toilet brush can work on. Soft bristles clean delicate surfaces while hard bristles remove grime and grease.

Where Can I Store My Toilet Brush?

The toilet brush should not be left out in the open. Its compact size allows should allow you to keep it in the best storage spaces or a much hidden area. You can always use the holder and build a small rack for it just at the corner of your bathroom.
What Does a Combo Means When Buying Toilet Brushes?

A combo simply means getting more for less. For instance some products – toilet brush brands – sell combo sets. It could be two brushes or simply a brush and plunger. This is a great way to save money and spend less when buying your toilet cleaning equipment.

What Kind Of Detergents Should I Use When Cleaning My Brush?

In order for your toilet to last longer you should use special detergents that have been labeled as non-abrasive and non-corrosive. Avoid chlorine and bleach tablets used as drop in for water tanks.

What Types of Features Will Make Up for A Good Toilet Brush?

There are certain qualities any good toilet brush should have. They include robust construction, durability, and above all, the ability to withstand repeated use - without any form of bending or breaking.


If you are choosing the best toilet brush to use for your toilet, it is important that you choose something that will last long and one that helps you to get the perfect results after every use. Watch out for user reviews in order to get the very top quality.

Best Toilet Seat Buying Guide: Simple things You Never Knew

Do you want to buy a toilet seat for your home? Toilet seats are great in keeping the toilet clean and hygienic and also in ensuring that odor is limited. They are also easy to use and prevent outside littering.

To get the best toilet seat, there are a number of things that you should always be aware of. We have compiled every important details that can give you a great seat for your use without a breaking a sweat while observing your right flushing toilet design too.

Three Main Types of Toilet Seat that We Have

The type of toilet seat that you will go for is basically determined by the shape of your best toilet bowl. There are three major categories of seat for the toilets that we have owing to this consideration. They include the following.


Like the name suggests oval toilet seats come in an oval or egg like shape. They are easy to tell as they make up some of the most common seat design shapes for the best toilets that we have today. Oval shapes often require the freedom of space when installing their bowls. They are also some of the most comfortable toilet seats that we have today.


The round shape is “as round as they get” and uses very limited space. Round toilets are some of the most affordable and so are their seats. This is the easiest shape to recognize and will take you so much limited space of use to install. Like oval shapes, the best round toilet seats to buy also come with hinges to fasten them properly across your toilet’s design too.


Rarely will you come by an oblong shaped toilet. Well they are not entirely common as many designs of this kind come from customized designs and will go with double cyclone flushing toilets. They are however very ideal and also forms one of the top toilet seats reviews and designs to always go for.

Top 5 Tips to Consider When Choosing the Best Toilet Seat

In order to put your money into good use, you should always make the right considerations when buying the top rated toilet seat. Here are some of the most common considerations that you must always make.

The Color of the Toilet Seat

The color of the seat you choose for your toilet plays a great deal. It adds beauty to your home design and also boosts the satisfaction of having your favorite hue even in the least liked section of the house. Great color also adds the aura of comfort when using the toilet. Color taste and preferences however differ from one individual to the next. But some of the most common toilet hues to go with include black, white, or other pastel colors.

The Material of Manufacture

What has your seat been forged out of? I must admit that the type of material that the seat for the best toilets is forged out of determines the durability of your toilet. If you want to enjoy a great toilet lifespan and the value for your money, this is one factor that you must keep in mind. Some of the ideal seat manufacturing materials include plastic, wood, high impact plastic, composite wood, and cushioned seat.

The Price of the Best Toilet Seat

You don’t want to spend much more than you can afford. The best you want to do is get something that works pretty well with your budget. The seat’s pricing is therefore a very important consideration. You should always make sure that you get what lies within your budget. The KOHLER K-4648-0 Stonewood Molded Seat for instance makes Amazon’s best sellers list and also ranks as one of the best seats for your toilet in 2017 because of its high affordability.

Additional Warranties If Available

The good thing about warranties is that they offer a certain level of guarantee. They allow you to know if what you have bought is worth your money, if it is quality, of if it is not. Warranties will allow you to bring back the product for replacement in case of damages within a given duration. It will also allow you to get an after sale service where applicable and there by save so much money.

The Users Personal Reviews

Chances are that the seat that you are going for has been used by many other people before. If this is the case then it would only be reasonable that you hear what they have to say before you commit your money to the buy. Looking at user reviews is often recommended if you are looking for the right toilet seats for the elderly. They can easily help you in avoiding a waiting disaster and getting a safe and user friendly home toilet to use.

The Shape of the Seat

This is also very important. Indeed you want a seat for your toilet that’s the best fit for your toilet bowl. You must always make sure that you go for exactly that. It could be oval, round, or oblong. If you can’t tell what the shape is, you can always take out the seat’s lid and take a picture of your toilet bowl before showing it to the vendor. Remember only raised toilet designs have seats.

How to Replace a Toilet Seat

In case the seat for your toilet is worn out, damaged, or cracked, it will easily steal away the beauty of your toilet. You can always replace such a seat by following this rather simple DIY procedure.

• Determine your type of seat. Is it round, oval, or oblong?
• Determine the type of material the seat is built out of. Is it wood or plastic?
• Buy the right type of seat and bowl. Measure your seat to get dimensions.
• Clean the bowl, rim and the current seat before starting to work on it.
• Remove caps if they are still present / if still covering the bolts.
• Loosen the nuts that hold the bolts in place use a wrench.
• Take off the old seat and lid once the bolts are loosened.
• Take the new seat and align it with the toilet bowl itself.
• Replace the bolts in the holes and close the seat and lid.
• Thread in new nuts and tighten the nuts with the wrench.

Top Six Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Toilet

Even so when looking for the ideal seat for your best toilet there are a number of toilet related questions that you will still come across. They include the following.

What exactly is a Toilet Seat?

This is the hinged unit / section of the main toilet consisting of a round or oval open section. It is often found at the top of the toilet bowl. It is common with raised toilets and comes in form of a lid. The lid has its middle seating area bored. The seat lid is bolted on to the bowl of the toilet and properly set in a comfortable sitting position. The squat toilet is the only toilet without a seat.

What is a Toilet’s Standard Dimension?

A standard toilets dimension is often 12 inches. However, some experts have also gone with 10 inches and 14 inches too. And with the introduction of the ADA specifications and recommendations most seats must be no less than 17 inches and no more than 19 inches too. The most vital distance in a toilet is usually the rough-in, (distance between the floor drain and the wall).

What is the Top Toilet Seat Made Of?

There are a number of materials that the best pick toilet seat can be made of. The decision often lies with the property owner. However you can always do your own make up when you purchase the property. In doing so the materials that you could choose for your seat includes plastic, wood, ceramic, high impact plastic, or cushioned seat. Our top choice the Allmax AX015 Elongated for instance is made of high end durable plastic.

What Do You Do Before Buying a New Toilet Seat?

When buying a new seat always measure the seat to either find the perfect replacement or the right design for your new seat. Here is the simplest way that you could follow to measure your toilet seat.

Measure by holding the measuring tape at the center front of the toilet bowl; then stretch the measuring tape to the center of the hinges. The hinges are usually at the post holes. Follow this by marking the shape of your seat. Then finally relay all that information to your seat’s vendor. Take a picture of the pan.

Which is the Best Seat to Choose?

The best toilet seat to choose from will depend squarely on what your design is or what you’d prefer for your newly installed toilet shower seat design. However, the best seats are basically determined by their shapes. This means you would easily find out if you either have an oval, round, or oblong shaped toilet by just looking at it.

What are the Standard Toilet Bowl Sizes?

A seat for the best toilets lies on top of a toilet bowl. This means that the best seat must take up the shape of the bowl. And since there are a number of shapes, the most significant thing when buying a toilet’s seat is taking the correct measurements – just like we have seen above. Therefore keep in mind to measure from the front of the bowl to the middle of the screws of your best flushing toilet.


We believe that choosing the best modern home seat for your toilet is no longer a problem. It is rather important that you follow this simple guide every time you choose to buy a seat for the toilet. You can also recommend it to your loved ones through sharing. This is the best way to ensure that out toilets are the best.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner In Everyday Life

If we use toilet bowl cleaner regularly, the toilet can at times be called the best seat in the house. There could even be a line of people waiting to use it.

Everyone sits on one, yet most don’t speak about it regularly – it’s not usually that interesting. It’s not something talked about in most group settings. It’s certainly not a lunch conversation. It’s definitely not a Girls’ Night Out subject. And it’s not something we write home about.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner In Everyday Life

However, using toilet bowl cleaner is really important to every one of us, in fact, a downright necessity for most of us, so that’s why we need to discuss it and brushes too! The toilet brush could actually be a subject of interest by using them to help decorate the bathroom. Most people use the container which conveniently comes with the brush. But have you ever thought of using a pretty pot normally used for pot plants or a wonderfully designed vase which would match one or more colors in your bathroom to put your toilet brush in? I have had compliments galore just from locating my toilet brush in just such a thing. It’s unusual and fun for something normally ordinary and mundane. Whoever thought your toilet bowl brush would become a conversation piece!

Perhaps your home toilet bowl is the cleanest in town because you regularly use Lysol Gel or 2000 Flushes or Scrubbing Bubbles and you never even have to touch the bowl or my favorite – EcoSense Tub and Tile. It makes the toilet look brand new, it’s very safe, plus you can just spray the tub and tile with the same product. Read more about toilet bowl in toiletrated.

On the other hand, maybe the toilet at work is filthy. Or you’ve had to use the toilet at the gas station and you have to hold your purse on your lap or hang it around your neck because there is no hook. You look around and there is no toilet paper and the seat is nasty besides. What to do? Do you look in your purse for a tissue and hover (or hopefully you’re prepared with Lysol disinfecting wipes) over the toilet while hoping no one will come in the door since the lock is broken? Here’s an idea: keep some Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes or Charmin: Fresh Mates To Go Flushable Wipes which come in a pack of ten that you can easily keep in your purse and within reach for just such an occasion. As for the broken lock, the only thing I can think of is duct tape which actually comes in small packs also.

We need a How To sheet we can tape on the wall explaining how to get the toilet bowl cleaner and the entire room cleaner while we’re at it, written especially for the people in charge of gas stations, convenience stores and the like just in case someone who really cares needs a nudge and will help us. Hey, maybe after a while, it will catch on. We could even get a cheap hook and brush as a gift and ask that they put it in the girl’s room. Then maybe the next time we need to stop by we’ll find a nice clean toilet bowl.

Cleaner toilets and bathrooms mean more happiness for us ladies (and gents too, I’m sure) and we need to make the people in charge realize that if we are happy with their clean and well-stocked bathrooms, we will patronize their place of business more often.

Toilet Paper Printable Coupons

Printable Coupons are one of the best ways to put a plan into action to save money on your groceries and other household and needed items. Clipping and using coupons is a great way to get cheap or even items for free. This is a direct way to greatly impact your budget. There are coupons out there for almost anything that you want to purchase. Rewards for coupons are normally given right away and can add up to big savings.

Since a lot of families make coupon clipping a normal routine, it is good to know that grocery coupons are by far one of the most popular ways to date to save money. They offer a big discount on what you would normally pay. Clipping coupons for groceries allow you to eat good while saving a lot of money in the process.

The Sunday paper is one of the most popular places to obtain printable coupons. It is also one of the most widely used ways for manufactures to distribute their coupons to promote their products. Many people still use this as their primary method to obtain coupons.

Printable coupons can also be obtained if you have access to the internet. You can stumble upon websites that will require you to submit your email address or zip code to be granted the printable coupons. This is perfectly normal. If you submit your email address to obtain a coupon, you will more than likely receive other coupons and discounts delivered to your inbox. If you have to submit your zip code, the company will normally wish to know what coupons are available in your area that you can take advantage of. With so many sites online offering coupons, it is very easy to stock up on the ones you need. Finding them online is much easier than searching for them in your Sunday paper.

A really good tip is to visit the website of your favorite manufacture. They will have many discounts and offers available to you there. Normally, official brand websites will require you to sign up. They may also require you to give your name, gender, and location, or for you to fill out a survey. Once again, this type of thing is perfectly normal. Click here read more details

Before you start to print out all the coupons you find online, check with your favorite store to make sure they accept the coupons you plan to use. The majority of stores will accept online printable coupons. However, it is always a good idea to check before presenting them to the cashier at checkout.

I prefer to find my coupons online. There is no secret to finding big deals and coupons online. By searching online for coupons and deals, it makes coupon hunting a lot easier. Finding coupons online affords you the ability to get discounts on almost anything you are looking to purchase. There are a huge variety of coupons out there on the Internet so that you may not have to use your Sunday paper again for your printable coupons.

Toilet Brush Hidden Spy Camera DVR 8GB

Toilet Remember to brush Concealed Spy Digicam Digital video recorder 8GB
Bathroom Comb Disguised. Criminal Photographic camera Digital recording device 8 gb
Wholesalespycams Rest room Secret agent Photographic camera,Pinhole Video camera,Hidden Video camera,Qualified Truthful,Minuscule DVR,Concealed Criminal,Eyespychina Dslr camera.
Additional Lavatory Secret agent Camera data can be located on line at:


This is the extra-modest electronic traveler camera that secret within a rest room clean, it seems such as an ordinary toilet clean, but it comes with an incredibly strong operate, one of the most curiosity is it internally hides from view a most basic dslr camera Digital video recorder, it does not need to have any outside connect-in credit card, inbuilt ram 8GB themselves, can build up to 4-5hours. There is time particular date stamp for your track record, you can obtain by far the most traditional facts for a range of illegal behaviour.perfect for Central intelligence agency real estate agents, police,sensor,and criminal bureau.


1. Tiny dimensions can make it for various employs.
2. It’s great for use like a secret cam, traveler cam , and many others.
3. Real time producing in AVI video clip structure
4. Ongoing taking until eventually storage is complete physically down
5. Color video with voice
6. Interior rechargeable power
7. Of memory space:8GB
8. Play back video on Laptop
9. Training video compression setting: Avi format movie formatting,6403 .480
10. Speech saving: Of course
11. Of storage space: Without a doubt
12. Expensive: 8GB
13. Movie files size: 5M for each min.
14. Documenting method: steady documenting right until storage is full personally away from
15. Adaptor unclog toilet without plunger (select your right toilet plunger in toilet rated) sort: Browse adaptor charging you cable connection
16. Power supply form: Lithium-ion 800MA
17. Record breaking speed: as much as 2h for 1GB
18. Electric battery use time: about 4-5hour
19. Excess weight: 550g
(Discussing liable if this type of camera is required for illegal exercises; this is usually a wireless security camera and really should be addressed as such, with liability)

You can expect

Bathing room Criminal Camera, Living space Secret agent Camera, Hotel room Criminal Photographic camera, Shoes or boots Traveler Photographic cameraAndDVR, Criminal DevicePerMachine, Motor vehicle Home Security Camera, Activity Digital cameraPerCd Digicam, Dailymotion Secret agent Video camera Digital video recorder,Closed-circuit television Spy Digital camera, Spy GSM Sound recording Irritate, Criminal Camera Sensor, Criminal Wall clock Photographic camera Digital video recorder, Inspection Dslr camera, Minuscule Digital video recorder, Wi-fi Criminal Digital camera, Professional Secret agent Camera, Pinhole Camera, Criminal Lighter weight Dslr camera, Spy Switch Digital camera, Spy Motor vehicle important Digicam, Criminal Pencil Digital camera, Spy Observe Camera, Criminal glasses Video camera , Spy Disguised .


Best Toilet Products

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