Where Can Composting Toilets be Used?

I recently submitted a post to an environmental discussion forum, asking members to review for me any composting toilet systems they might have in their home. Interestingly enough, the first response to this question was from a member who asked “Can they be used in homes? I thought composting toilets had to be used outdoors in an outhouse.”

Where Can Composting Toilets be Used

Now, I am guessing that many readers of this blog are well aware that most (if not all) currently manufactured composting toilets are meant for indoor applications (with the exception of certain portable composting toilet setups). However, it did bring up an important question for me that I thought would be useful to address in this article: Where else can composting toilets be used?

I thought I would develop a list of some of the potential uses of composting toilets outside the standard home. Given the benefits of composting toilets for society in general, thinking “outside the home” seems like an important contribution to the effort to promote the switch from wasteful flush toilet systems to productive and environmentally sane toilet composting systems.

Here are some locations that composting toilets could also be installed:

1) National and state park campgrounds. Oh wait, there are composting toilets already at some of these locations (see an example here). We just need a lot more of them! Composting toilets are much more pleasant than the standard outhouses that are found at many national and state parks, and they make an excellent demonstration of sustainable technology as well.

2) Boats and Marinas. Many boaters already know this, but there are some excellent marine toilet composting systems available. For more information about these composting toilets, read the article “Outdoor Portable Composting Systems.”

3) Buses, trains and other forms of public transportation. Composting toilets would be much less smelly and much more environmentally friendly alternative to the flush toilets currently found on many public transport systems. Of course, it would involve considerable time and effort to educate the “public” about their proper use and advantages, but I can think of no better way to create a massive public awareness about toilet composting systems.

4) Remote yurts, cottages and cabins. Non-electric models of composting toilets are ideal for locations that are off-grid and have little access to sewage or septic systems.

5) Recreational Vehicles. Now, let’s face it, RV’s are not generally known for being environmentally friendly. But if you are going to drive an RV, why not at least make them as environmentally friendly as you can and switch from the chemically laden portable potty to a greener toilet composting system instead? Most of the marine composting models are well suited for RV’s as well.

6) Treehouses. This one is just for fun. Or maybe not. If you do have a treehouse and it has a toilet, it should certainly be a composting toilet! Know more about composting toilet check out here toiletrated.com.

Now that I’ve gotten started, tons of more ideas are starting to come to mind. How about composting toilets on oil rigs and platforms? In factories and warehouses? In guard towers or sky cranes? Well, as you see, once you get started thinking green, it can be hard to stop.

Bringing Your Own Camping Toilet

Some of us absolutely dread the thought of using toilets that are found at many UK campsites. That's because they are often of a very poor quality and hygiene standards are clearly not as good as they could be. It seems that many campsite owners and managers do not place enough emphasis on providing hygienic facilities.

So what can we do about this? One option is clearly to try and encourage campsite owners to clean up their act. This may work in some situations, but it is by no means a guaranteed solution. This problem has caused many people to think about buying their own, portable toilets.

Bringing Your Own Camping Toilet

You may not even be aware that such toilets exist. It seems that they are still relatively rare, although they are becoming more popular. They come in many different shapes and sizes. As you might expect, prices can vary quite considerably.

Chemical toilets have tended to be particularly popular, but some people are put off by the fact that they are often rather large. This makes them much harder to transport than should probably be the case. There are also concerns for some about having to transport chemicals, especially if you have pets or children.

That's why some manufacturers have been looking to produce alternative models. There is now a whole new range of camping toilets available that are designed to be considerably more compact and also environmentally friendly. With folding designs, they are much easier to fit into your car.

Just as importantly, they avoid the use of potentially harmful chemicals. This has certainly made more people comfortable about using them on a regular basis. Fortunately, they appear to be solidly made, as well as lightweight.

As a result of these developments, it is now perfectly realistic for you to take your own toilet when going on a camping trip. There's no longer any need to worry about the facilities provided at a campsite.

Toilet Seat Bumpers

Toilet seat bumper is a small plastic piece that gives a good buffer between the seat and the toilet. These are the feet secured to the bottom of a toilet seat that prevents it from moving when you sit on it. It is a great replacement product that not only keep your toilet seat clean, but also it can prevent permanent damage to the toilet.
It will extend the life of your toilets and give it a fresh makeover.

Toilet Seat Bumpers

You will find a tough time to use a moving toilet seat; you will try hard not to fall from it. This condition will even destroy your toilet seat screws as the screws will loosen every time when your seat moves. These bumpers are very easy to install and they’ll prevent you from falling. These replacement tools come at a low rate, probably for just $1.88

Installing toilet seat bumpers are even good for heavier people in your family or workplace using the toilet seat, as when they gets seated the seat is more prone to cracking. The way most seats are designed with just two bumpers brings a situation when the weight of a person pushes down on the span between bumpers and the hinge.

Gradually it will break down especially when the bidet toilet seat is cheap. Installing extra bumpers will save you from having to replace the seat every few months. You can install these toilet seats by yourself, you don’t require any special skills for it.

Welcome to Tidy Toilets

There are certain jobs that it takes a brave soul to complete. Jobs in the fields of sanitation and sewage are no exception. Tidy Toilets is ready to step in and complete all of those sensitive jobs that you do not want to have to think about. They make it simple and quick—give them a call and it will be done before you know it.

Welcome to Tidy Toilets

Tidy Toilets specializes in septic tank services and pumping, as well as portable toilet rentals.

When planning your next event, you are likely to drive yourself crazy figuring out every last detail. Do not let yourself worry about one thing—Tidy Toilets has got you covered when it comes to portable toilet rentals.

Their portable restrooms can be equipped with standard or premium options, with every luxury available for your guests. There are many options available—including interior sinks, carpet, lighting, hand towels, and more—and you will not find a better price! Their service is second to none.

Tidy Toilets can also help with your septic tank maintenance and pumping. A healthy septic tank is regularly pumped and inspected, so do not let your septic tank go unmaintained—your wallet will be the thing that is hurt the most.

Tidy Toilets is the best septic tank pumper around! They will work with you to make sure all of your needs are met. They are locally owned and committed to quality.

If you live in Rock Hill, SC, and you need a portable washroom, or have a septic tank that needs cleaning, then you need to call Tidy Toilets today!

About Toto Toilet Dealers Locator

When you need to buy Toto toilets or the spare parts, you could always find the parts in the stores available around you – if you know for sure that they’re around you. What if you have no idea at all? Don’t worry, you can always use the Toto toilet dealers locator, available in the internet.

About Toto Toilet Dealers Locator

What’s the good thing about this toto toilet dealers locator, anyway? The locator is available for people or customers who want to find any dealers or stores around them, where they could buy the required Toto toilets. Most dealers usually come with complete array of choices and options. Most of them would provide complete toilet appliances, the smaller parts, and even the replacement parts so when customers want to buy the parts to replacement their old and worn out ones, they could do it easily. The good thing about the locator is the easy operation.

When you log into the online Toto toilet dealers locator, you only need to choose whether you want to buy a whole set or the replacement parts only, choose the state or country, and you’re ready to go. You’ll then be given a list of available dealers within your reach.
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